foto overSince 1985 TreinTramBus (formerly the Bond van Trein-, Tram- en Busgebruikers) is the passenger organisation representing the Flemish passengers. At present, we have 5 employees, they assist and are assisted by a group of active volunteers. TreinTramBus organises - and participates in - the following activities:

Member activities

Regional and thematic working groups, excursions, educational activities, production and publication of a three-monthly magazine, the organisation of a member’s day…

Championing the interests of public transport users.

Issuing press releases and position papers, organising projects and actions, co-operation with other European passenger organisations, …

Promotion of public transport and campaigning

TreinTramBus is member of Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit, a network of organisations which support sustainable mobility. Each year, this network organises a mobility week. TreinTramBus has also developed educational materials and supports local committees who monitor the quality on regional trains.

Studies and consulting

TreinTramBus represents the Flemish public transport users on the advisory councils of De Lijn (Flemish busses and tramways) and the Belgian Railways, the Brussels mobility council and a number of other regional and local advisory bodies. TreinTramBus is also commissioned by the Flemish government to advise new public transport projects presented by De Lijn.


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